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* Indicates thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry or shellfish reduces the risk of food borne illness. Individuals with certain health conditions may be at higher risk


Breakfast Menu

Sorry, we do not offer substitutions on items #1, #2, or #3

#1 *$8.49

Two eggs - hashbrowns - bacon, patty or link sausage - toast or dollar cakes

#2 *$6.99

A half order of the #1 with all the same choices - no substitutions on #1 or #2

Eggs Benedict *$10.49

Two basted eggs on a grilled English muffin with Canadian bacon and Hollandaise sauce - served with hashbrowns

#3 *$8.29

A big biscuit with sausage cream gravy - with two eggs and sausage or bacon

Sunrise Benedict$10.79

Patty sausages on a homemade biscuit topped with scrambled eggs and sausage cream gravy - served with hashbrowns

Chicken Fried Steak *$11.49

Hand breaded original pork steak - sausage cream gravy - eggs - hashbrowns - toast or cakes
Chicken +$1

Country Hashbrowns *$9.29

Hashbrowns with sausage cream gravy, two eggs, choice of bacon or sausage, and toast or cakes

Pork Medallions *$11.79

Grilled pork tenderloin medallions, two eggs, hashbrowns, and toast or dollar cakes

Denver Scramble$8.99

Eggs scrambled with onions, peppers, ham, jack and cheddar - served with hashbrowns, and toast or cakes

Ham & Eggs *$10.49

A thick cut of grilled country ham with two eggs, hashbrowns, and choice of toast or dollar cakes

Yogurt Parfait$6.99

Low-fat vanilla yogurt, crunchy cinnamon granola, and sliced almonds with strawberries and blueberries

Breakfast Burrito$10.29

Grilled tortilla with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, jack & cheddar - salsa - hashbrowns
Add avocado $2 | sour cream $.49

Croissant Sandwich$7.99

A light and flaky croissant with scrambled eggs, American cheese and bacon, ham, or sausage - with hashbrowns

Banana Nut Oatmeal$6.99

Oatmeal topped with bananas and sliced almonds, served with brown sugar and milk

Tenderloin Biscuit$10.49

Buttermilk fried pork tenderloin, bacon, cheddar and sausage cream gravy on a scratch biscuit - with hashbrowns

Fried Chicken Biscuit$9.29

Dixie fried chicken with sriracha spiked honey and pickles on a scratch biscuit - with hashbrowns

Fried Chicken Royale$10.29

Dixie fried chicken with sriracha spiked honey, jack cheese and sausage cream gravy on a scratch biscuit - with hashbrowns


Our three egg omelettes are served with hashbrowns and choice of toast or dollar cakes
Add queso or hollandaise $1 | avocado $2

Ham & Cheese$9.29

Jack & cheddar - grilled diced country ham
Add grilled onions $1 | add mushrooms $1 | add green peppers $1

Dave's Favorite$10.99

Swiss cheese - mushrooms - hollandaise - diced tomato - scallions


Jack & cheddar - ham - grilled onions - green peppers - tomatoes - queso - scallions


Seasoned beef - jack & cheddar - onion - tomato - salsa - crema - scallions


Monterey jack - bacon - tomato - avocado - scallions


Jack & cheddar - onions - peppers - mushrooms - tomatoes - queso fresco - scallions

Waffles, Pancakes, French Toast

Malted Waffle$8.99

Choice of eggs, bacon or sausage

Chicken & Waffle$9.99

Waffle - fried chicken tenders

Buttermilk Pancakes

Two Cakes - $6.99 | Three Cakes - $8.99
Add Chocolate Chips or Blueberries $1

Texas French Toast

Two Piece - $7.49 | Three Piece - $9.29
Add Strawberries & whipped cream $2




Gluten Free for additional $.79


4 strips

Dollar Cakes$3.49


2 pieces


Egg *$1.29

English Muffin$1.99



- 20% Gratuity Added To Tables -
Of 8 Or More